Our Mission

We are a new start-up comprising academics, designers, illustrators, and innovative media campaigners.

Our mission is to combine the passion for board games with our teaching experience and profound academic interest in politics while engaging the broader audience in creative strategic board games about politics.

The idea of ’How to Win Brexit?’ was born in one class at university during the very late phase of Brexit negotiations in 2019. The simple simulation for students was supposed to help them understand and experience the complexity and difficulty of Brexit talks. The simulations turned out to be very engaging and – at the same time – entertaining for the simulation’s participants. This encouraged the game designers to expand the simulation with additional features and graphics. So, with many incentives, hurdles, and investments on the way, we developed this initial simulation into a fully-fledged board game with professional graphics, illustrations, boards, cards, and tokens.

We held a dozen trials across Europe at universities, cafes, and simulation events, where we tested the mechanism and design of 'How to Win Brexit?’. We intend to have the prototypes printed in the early spring of 2023. Soon, we will launch our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The game will be available online from early summer 2023. Upon success, we plan to expand the game’s concept with additional features, macro-version, and related products like 3D characters. 

As the upcoming start-up, we are investing our time, energy, minds, and own money to deliver an innovative and engaging game that you have never played before! It requires courage and vision, but it also entails numerous risks.

Your help would matter how the final version of the game would look!