Our Mission

We are a small group of dedicated academics, designers, illustrators, and social media enthusiasts. Our core mission is to create educational games centred on real-world political events like the Brexit negotiations. We aim to inspire the academic and teaching communities to include political board games as innovative tools in university classroom education.

Initially, we invested our time, energy, and personal funds into creating the game mechanics, design, and prototype for printing. We never had any publishers supporting us.

We chose to crowdfund our first production on Kickstarter and were met with overwhelming success, raising 158% of our funding goal. While this journey demanded both courage and foresight, it also came with its fair share of risks. Throughout it all, we stood alone and are immensely proud of how we managed the process.

We’re currently printing copies and getting ready to send them out to our backers. With their generous support, we’re also crafting an educational edition of the game tailored for universities.

We operate on a not-for-profit basis, making this project more about passion than commercial gain. Our hope is to collaborate with the academic community, fostering a shared goal to introduce innovative teaching methods for contemporary politics.