1. The Participant consents for fixating his/her image, voice, manner of behavior and all performances during the Event (the aforesaid image, voice and/or performances jointly referred to as the “Image”) for the purposes of promotion and advertisement of the Game and the Publisher.

2. The Participant hereby authorizes the Publisher to disseminate his/her Image as fixated in connection with the Event (in photos, video recordings and other materials created on the basis thereof) and hereby transfers to the Publisher all the rights to dispose with and use the Image in whole or in part, including also together with other works and/or performances, in the scope unlimited as to time and territory, in the following exploitation fields:  (a) fixation and reproduction in unlimited number of copies by all techniques; (b) distribution, including via Internet and other techniques of data transmission, gratuitous lending and/or rental of carriers on which the Image was fixed; (c) dissemination in other manners than stipulated above, including: (i) multiple broadcasting and re-broadcasting in analogue or digital format, etc.; (ii) public screening; (iii) public display; (iv) public performance; (v) dissemination in Internet, including all websites and social media profiles and channels, in particular in Game or Publisher’s social media; (d) use of the Image for any informational, advertising and promotional purposes, in particular of the Game, Publisher and their successors or affiliates; (e) creation of the foreign language version of the materials.

3.  The Publisher is entitled to freely dispose with the rights to the Image and grant further authorizations to exploit the Image of the Participant, to the benefit of any third parties.

4.  The Participant hereby authorizes the Publisher (with the right to grant further authorizations) to perform on the Participant’s behalf his/her personal rights in scope of deciding on a form of rendering the Image available to the public, introducing shortcuts, fragmentation, re-editing, and to perform any other adaptations of the Image. The Publisher undertakes to respect personal rights of the Participant. The Participant undertakes not to raise any claims should the Publisher not disseminate the Image.

5.  Considering the nature of the Participant’s participation in the Event in respect of assignment of rights and granting authorizations under this agreement, the Participant is not entitled to any remuneration on account of the foregoing.

6. The Participant hereby irrevocably waives and releases the Publisher and successors in his rights from any liability, and agrees that he will not file nor uphold any claim, action or demand of any kind whatsoever (including, without limitation, any claim based on the law of defamation, privacy or confidentiality) against the Publisher and/or successors in their rights in connection with the participation and/or with the Image of the Participant fixed during the Event.

7.  The agreement set forth in this form shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Poland. Any and all disputes related hereto which the parties shall fail to resolve amicably, shall be resolved by a court competent with respect to the Publisher’s registered seat.