The Graan Cafe Republiek in Groningen

participants of the ‘European Republican Café’ EU-RE-CA project holding occasional discussions and debates about the future of Europe, in cooperation with the New Europeans

Groningen, the Netherlands

March 23, 2022

We were back in Groningen. This time, the EU-funded project ‘European Republic Cafe’  hosted us at a cosy cafe – the Graan Cafe Republiek in the appealing city centre. The cafe’s iconic wooden table with its little library in the background, usually used as a place for local discussion, presented our board game ‘How to Win Brexit?’.

The game unfolded with many twists and negotiation tricks the leaders and their team members used. Players were confronted with new game features, such as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and randomly drawn Event cards. These features impacted their Brexit negotiations in unexpected ways. The impact of these features further enriched the overall game experience. The feedback encouraged the team that has been creating the game to make further innovations in the mechanics and design.