Negotiation Student Club in Warsaw

BA & MA Students from the NegotiationClub at Lazarski University, Warsaw 

Warsaw, Poland

 June 10, 2022

What a game, and what a last-minute twister! This time we tested „How to Win Brexit?” at the first-rate Student Negotiation Club in Warsaw. Players enjoyed upgraded features and graphic elements, particularly the amended Main Boards & Character Cards version.

This game was very intense and dynamic. The UK delegation gambled in the last 3 minutes before the end of the time. In the first round, the Divorce Bill, they promised to support the UK’s access to the Single Market without freedom of movement. But they changed their mind! The EU leaders were stunned, and in the very last seconds, they rejected the deal. Interestingly, the Hard Brexit faction leader scored the most in achieving Individual Goals and closely cooperated with the Foreign Secretary (what a surprise!). Unfortunately, this scenario was overshadowed by the collapse of the major German airlines causing many financial problems for the EU team!