Model European Union in Warsaw

Participants of political simulation within Model European Union (MEU)

Partners: BETA Poland

Warsaw, Poland

September 18, 2022

Our next stop was at the Model European Union (MEU) in the dynamic capital of Poland, the rising city of Warsaw. After Zagreb and Skopje, it was the 3rd MEU event where ‘How to Win Brexit?’ was hosted. We continue fruitful and mutually inspiring cooperation with BETA Europe!

In this game, we had captivating impersonations, particularly with the French President and Hungarian Prime Minister characters. The game progressed very dynamically with shifting negotiating positions. Explicit factions formed in each team with different goals, and the leaders could not always get complete control over their teams. However, a deal was eventually secured with a slim majority relying on the support of the Hard Brexit faction leader and the leading Eurosceptic EU member, the Hungarian PM. The players tested the newly updated version of the game. For the first time, a new game feature was introduced – allowing for two extensions of 10 minutes each, causing some loss of reputation.

The game is constantly being refined!