Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange in Zagreb

Participants of political simulation within Model European Union (MEU) at Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange

Zagreb, Croatia

April 16-18, 2022

The 'How to Win Brexit?’ game has seen much recent activity. Work on the game’s graphics and mechanics coincided with starting our collaboration with Bringing Europeans Together Association – BETA Europe. BETA Europe organises political simulation events – the Model European Union (MEUs) across Europe. It is a privilege to be a part of it!

Our next stop was in energetic Zagreb, the thriving capital of captivating Croatia. Alongside the BETA Europe event, MEU participants played three sessions of 'How to Win Brexit? over a few days. Players used many rhetorical skills and built their negotiation positions through sophisticated arguments. All three games proved very vibrant, and the leaders were persistent in their positions, as they were unwilling to give them up. While some leaders were ready to shake on an agreement, their out-stretched hands were often left to hang. However, the many twists and pressures did not prevent a friendly drink of tasty legendary Balkan Rakija.