Carleton University in Ottawa

MA Students at European Studies Programme

Ottawa, Canada

December 11, 2022

The last test game before the launch of the Kickstarter campaign took place in Canada! We flew over the Atlantic Ocean to Ottawa, the fantastic Canadian capital, to play the Brexit negotiations with European Studies students at the renowned Carleton University. We now have solid proof that 'How to Win Brexit?’ is ready to be played globally!

The game engaged the players from the beginning to the very last second. The UK’s negotiators firmly stood their ground and were uncompromising in pursuing team interests. On the other hand, the EU institutions seemed open to sacrifices on the condition it would lead to a final Deal. However, the sensitive issue of the Irish border slipped out of their minds during the heated talks. But, the leaders of Ireland and Northern Ireland reminded the negotiators several times during Press Conferences to consider their interests. The UK and the EU negotiation teams played hard until the end, but they sealed the agreement, with the UK winning the overall highest team score.

Both teams, however, were eventually content with the Deal.