BETA Europe Symposium in Prague

Participants of annual Symposium of BETA Europe

Partners: BETA Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

August 20-21, 2022

This time, ’How to Win Brexit?’ came to the heart of charming Prague, just metres away from the phenomenal Old Town Square of the Czech Capital. There we were hosted by BETA Europe during its Annual Symposium. The participants played two absorbing sessions. Both games were tension-filled until the very last moment, and both sessions ended with No Deal!

In the first game, the initial smiles and the friendly handshakes of leaders quickly turned into a tense exchange of tough arguments. Then, the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition and the French President called several press conferences. The EU leaders were surprisingly also trying to silence the UK negotiators! In the meantime, the Hard Brexiter Leader unexpectedly allied tactically with the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. Then, right before the end of negotiations, two Breaking News cards struck the players: China started a trade war against the EU, and Catalonia declared independence!

Moreover, minutes away from the end, the President of the European Commission stepped out of the negotiations. Also, the very last direct consultations of UK and EU leaders failed… Nevertheless, after all these twists of the game, the players’ enjoyed the Czech beers discussing the future of Europe (and not only). In the second game, the participants experienced the Non-Player-Characters (NPCs) and how politics is limited in many ways. This time it was also a No-Deal with Citizens’ Rights as a stumbling block! However, the negotiators were tough and kept close to their positions, sometimes even agreeing on negative options for both teams.